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Sophomore at Duke University
Photo by Reto Simonet on Unsplash

Sitting next to “The Skillet” with a friend from a podcast organization called Hear at Duke, we engaged in one of my all-time favorite past-times: people watching. For about a half-hour, we exchanged observations and created elaborate backstories of the students and adults passing us by. Eventually, I checked out.

My Garmin blinks the time back to me — 7 AM. Already, last night’s rain begins steaming out of the gravel trail beneath my sneakers. It’s July. As each mile passes, I can see rays of sunlight pierce through damp trees and hear the cacophony of frogs and cicadas around me growing louder. It seems as if the insufferable heat was getting to them too.

Over many bowls of congee and ice cream, I spent the past month watching Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Reposted from The Chronicle. Co-authored with Ryan Williams.

When you lose your first love during quarantine, what do you do?

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